Saturday, March 31, 2007

Streamyx payment update

I pay my Streamyx bill using CIMBClicks. The first time I paid was on friday, I checked my bill balance everyday at MCMB (Multimedia Customer Management and Billing System) after the payment was made and the balance only updated after a week. I sent CIMBClicks a message asking about the slow updating, according to their reply, payment update is based on billers as for their side they have transferred the payment on the second working day after the transaction is made. Then I tried to pay on friday for one more time, same thing happens, it took one week to update the payment. But when I paid on monday, the payment was updated after 2 days. TMNet MCMB update delay for payment on friday...?

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Streamyx connection error 678 & 676

Yesterday my connection downed at around 3am. I was connected at that time and suddenly I can't access to any website, so I disconnected and tried to reconnect again, but I kept getting error 678 : the remote computer did not respond and error 676 : the phone line is busy. I tried to restart my modem and PC and replugged telephone line, but still can't get connected. ADSL light was stable and SNR margin was normal, but failed to connect, really strange...
Looks like it was Streamyx internal problem, I tried for half an hour and the problem still the same, only thing can do is waiting it to become normal again, TM helpline not 24hours operated. However when I woke up in the morning, I can connect as normal again...Streamyx........