Monday, April 30, 2007

Say NO to Streamyx installation

That day I helped my friend to format his PC. He just subscribed to Streamyx Super Duper Deal package- RM77, 1M, free modem and some useless offers. The story is he let an agent did the installation, and the agent charged him RM50 for a network card! after found out my friend's PC doesn't has one. This is ridiculous, with RM50 we can have 2 branded network adapters but instead my friend got a unbranded one. I still have no idea what is the brand of the expensive card after looking through the box again and again. Then during setup of windows for my friend, windows can't detects the network card, I looked for the driver cd inside the box but nothing was inside! We have to called back the agent to send us the cd! He said he forgot to include the cd...
By the way, the network card is using Realtek chipset, I found out after installation of the driver.
Then a day after this I was told that another friend of my also let TM to do Streamyx installation and what happen was he was charged RM80 for 4 splitters! I don't know why he needed that much of splitter and it was too expensive.
They are trying to suck money from installation as much as they can do...

The "exclusive" card

Free 'Billion' modem
Default password is "password" not "admin"
Wrong information in the manual and website

Sunday, April 15, 2007

PC Fair (I) 2007

PIKOM PC Fair at KL Convention Center

Microsoft booth

Make your move on the stage and get "multiply" like the ads below
Intel was recording and editing on the spot

Latest mobo from ASUS

Where is the processor?

This rig broke 3DMark06 records

Asus GeForce 8 series card

Gigabyte liquid cooling - RM850 anyone?

Big displays from China

Microsoft demo on Vista and Office 2007

Microsoft made them to drink with baby bottle

Gift from Kingston 20th anniversary scratch card,
guess what is inside?

Unbelievable, Kingston limited edition cookies

Freebies from Microsoft

Brought this home with Imation DVD-R disc