Saturday, May 26, 2007

Enhance Firefox with Opera Features

Opera is good with speed dial, tab thumbnail preview and session manage. These very useful features are impressive but missed in the more popular Firefox. However Firefox extensions that available help Firefox to compete with Opera.

Speed Dial
- Function like latest Opera 9.2 Speed Dial feature. Speed Dial will be automatically loaded in blank new windows or new tabs. Set your most used websites and access through thumbnail view in new windows or tabs. Still need some improvement if compare to Opera Speed Dial feature.

Tab Scope
- Thumbnail preview of webpage when you move your mouse over the tab, you even can navigate(back, refresh, close, scroll, zoom, click on links) the page inside the thumbnail, cooler than Opera!

Can try Firefox Showcase if you want alternative thumbnail preview configuration. But it has some compatible issue with Tab Scope. I like Reveal , besides tab preview, it also provides thumbnail view on back and forward button when mouse moves over it, but sadly it is no longer supports latest version of Firefox.

Save Session
- You can choose to save the current session and load it for the next startup of Firefox. Just like you restore your session after Firefox crashed but now you can save your session at anytime and start Firefox the next time with the previous session. But Save Session only can save up to one session (the last session), if you want more control over session, you can try Tab Mix Plus, it includes a session manager that similar to Opera session manage. But TMP has some compatible issue with Tab Scope.

We hope Firefox will includes all these cool features internally in the next release.


yingun said...

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SIGMAX said...

You are welcome. Ya, Firefox has a lot of settings we can configure. I will try the pipelining. Thank you for your support, I will improve my layout when I am free.