Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Streamyx 4.0Mbps ?

Do we really need 4M of speed? Consider the factors:

-Copper line can support 4M of speed but most of the copper wires here are old and in bad quality. If the SNR margin is low for line capped 1M or below, you will face stability issue if upgrade to a higher speed, the SNR margin will drop when the line is capped to a higher speed, the SNR margin will become too low, then it will brings disconnection issue. Refer to my post - Get rid of Streamyx intermittent connection. I heard that TM only provides this service to customer that meet the minimum requirement of SNR margin(e.g. minimum of 15db for line capped at 1M). It also depends how far you are from the local exchange, cannot be too far from the exchange. Sometimes even you are near to the exchange, you may also have connection problems because of poor copper line. And it is hard to get full speed that offered by the package, speed is only on best efforts basis.

-RM198! non-promotional RM268!
In other countries, you can get more than 10M at cheaper price.

-4M with throttling , no point to subscribe if you only want higher bt speed (different if using of VPN services or methods of bypassing throttling are working). We no need 4M if just for surfing, may be it will helps in smooth news and multimedia streaming.

This time TM come out with new METRO.e technology that provides speed from 4Mbps to 1Gbps for businesses, so is Streamyx 4.0M package related to the new tech?
Some rumour says that current packages will be upgraded to higher speed soon. We hope it's true.
Anyone has experienced with the 4M package?
Now we can wait for the price to drop, or wait for WiMax to come...


KY said...

can't really compare with other countries la bro, in myanmar a 128k link is US $8k a month. lol

SIGMAX said...

I know what you mean, sometimes we cannot do comparison, Indonesia also expensive in broadband services, but let us just make some comparison with our close neighbour - Singapore.

Jayce Ooi said...

Price should be lower if we got many competitor in Malaysia. Not just Telekom that monopoly the whole Internet market.