Monday, January 7, 2008

Most Popular Search Terms in 2007

Every year Google will studies the search queries people made over the year, and reveals the most popular search terms of the year.
Apple iPhone topped the search and proved it was the hottest topic in year 2007.

Here is the list of global fastest rising queries :
1. iphone
2. badoo
3. facebook
4. dailymotion
5. webkinz
6. youtube
7. ebuddy
8. second life
9. hi5
10. club penguin

And here is
Malaysia top gaining queries (November 2007) :
1. lee hom
2. jennifer love hewitt
3. c.ronaldo
4. mariah carey
5. um
6. nokia n95
7. nstp
8. 公主小妹 (a Taiwan drama series)
9. nurinjazlin
10. genting highland

UM was not in the top 200 of World University Rankings 2007 but it was one of the top searches in Malaysia.

Full details on Google Zeitgeist, there are more detailed statistics for U.S. region.
View Zeitgeist by country at Zeitgeist Around the World.
China Google(谷歌) has a very detailed search queries report of its own, covering from most popular search terms to searches conducted in daylight and searches conducted at night.
Read it here(in Chinese) :

Yahoo also came out with top trends in search in 2007 which categorized the top 10 search into 9 categories. Here is the top of each category :
Top news story - Saddam Hussein
Top environmental search - Recycling
Top troubled star - Britney Spears
Top in tech - YouTube
Top consumer call-back - Pet Food Recall
Top sports news - NASCAR
Top send-off - Harry Potter
Top on - Design
Top on Yahoo! Kids - Games

See full listing at Yahoo Top Trends 2007 .
Yahoo also shows other interesting statistics like list of top misspelled words, top searched auto manufacturers in 2007...
Check it out here.

Of course, for all the lists above, adult search terms were removed from the listing. We may see some interesting terms if the lists were not filtered.