Thursday, August 16, 2007

Windows Live Hotmail Upgrades

Microsoft is upgrading Hotmail, one of the changes is the mailbox storage, increases from 2GB to 5GB for free users.

Besides that, other upgrades are:
- upgrades in performance and quality of services
- increase the time of junk mail and deleted items stay in mailbox
- show blocked content with single click
- contacts de-duplication feature -- prevent duplicate contacts
- phishing reporting feature
- able to forward mail from Hotmail account to other accounts
- option to turn off the Today page(MSN News)
- cobranded e-mail for organizations who uses Hotmail e-mail hosting
- auto vacation replies
- right-to-left languages support
- more space with smaller header
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Microsoft upgrades on Hotmail service keep it strong in webmail competition, with storage ahead of Google Gmail(2.8GB), but Yahoo still offering the most with unlimited storage.

I have several Hotmail accounts, one of it still is MSN Hotmail, just upgraded it to Windows Live Hotmail, and it is now 5GB and implemented with the new upgrades, but my existing Windows Live Hotmail still remains at 2GB with no new features.
Anybody has see the upgrades?