Sunday, August 5, 2007

PIKOM PC Fair (II) 2007

It was PC Fair again in KL Convention Center. Snapped some pictures and bought nothing...
Nothing much special in this PC fair, however and HWM offered great deal, first 100 subscriptions of their magazine came with DVD burner/bluetooth headset/wireless USB adapter...(, Altec Lansing speaker(HWM), plus dice roll(HWM) and wheel of fortune( Kingston continued their anniversary redemption(phone strap & bag), and grand prizes were iPod Video, cellphone, watch and thumbdrive. Besides, Dell's offers also not bad.

- This thing looks familiar - see PC Fair (I)

- MSI Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Extreme mainboards

- Sony spent on double-storey booth
Blue-ray, Cyber-shot, VAIO, PSP, ...

- NEC - Nice Emitting Colour

- ASUS thermal solution for processor

- Big cooler small processor

- Toshiba lovely booth

- Front colour displays of Dell new Inspiron

- filled up their booth space with a truck

Quite disappointed with this PC Fair, price high, no freebies, no attractive promotions, and less beautiful "eyecandy".
Some eyecandy :
pic1-by Fattien
pic2-by Fattien
pic3-by chowchrist


fattien said...

hey there!!! thankz for the linking. ^_^V

Next time I won't attend pcfair by August coz too many ppl.

SIGMAX said...

You are welcome.
Nice shots from the fair.
Haha, every PC fair is very crowded.